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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right plan for my business?

Choosing the right plan depends on the size and complexity of your site in addition to how much traffic it receives.  For many small businesses that have low traffic and just a few pages, our Business Lite plan is the best fit.  If you’re just not sure we’re here to help.  Contact us for a free assessment.

What does fully managed mean?

At WP Managed Secure fully managed means we take care of just about everything you could ask for.  Not many other providers can say the same.  We monitor and manage your sites on a daily basis making sure they run at peak performance.  If you run into a problem we’re here to help.  While our monthly plans do not include development or content management, we do provide developement services.

How do your backups work?

We implement automatic backups of your sites several times a day.  Both the database and files.  In addition, we perform redundant off-site cloud backups every day.  While our off-site backups do not use any local storage, the incremental daily backups do.  Please keep this in mind when you choose your plan.

What about E-mail?

We believe e-mail should be handled by the best providers available.  That said you’re not on your own when it comes to e-mail.  We have low-cost flat rate options for setting up new e-mails or migrating your previous service.  We work with O365, G-Suite & Zoho Mail.  You can add these services when you subscribe.

What if my website gets hacked?

We use some of the most secure servers and firewalls to create layers of security around your site.  No matter how much we try there is no such thing as 100%.  In the rare case that your site is compromised we remediate the issue no charge.  It’s part of our fully managed pledge to keep you up and running.

Is it possible to cancel my plan at any time?

Yes. As soon as you cancel your plan, we will disable our automated maintenance systems and will erase your data from our systems.  We will provide an archive of your site upon request free of charge.

Please note that we will not refund unused time.