Managed WordPress Hosting

Discover the difference between Managed Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Unlike most dedicated WordPress Hosts (who are essentially managed hosting providers) we provide Managed WordPress Hosting.  The difference? We monitor, protect, update and support the entire platform including WordPress and any plugins and themes you might use along with it.

WP Performance

Our optimized LEMP stack hosted on a dedicated VPS provides the ultimate in speed and reliability for your business WordPress solutions.  Perfectly tuned for critical SEO and eCommerce deployments.

The Only Fully Managed WordPress Solution You’ll Ever Need

The only provider that doesn’t come with a knowledge base or documentation library! Upgrade to the VIP WordPres experience today.


Automatic local backups multiple times per day.  Daily redundant off-site cloud backups with 14 days retention.



Daily updates to WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes.  We’ll even update your premium plugins and themes.

Security Scans

In addition to our server hardening, we include application level scanning and protection with Wordfence.


Availability (Monitoring)

24/7 Monitoring & remediation for site down, WSOD, failed updates or hacked and vandilised sites.


Speed Optimization

Periodic site reviews to discover any bottlenecks ensure your site runs at peak performance. 


In the event your website is compromised by malware our team will clean and restore your site free of charge.

Web Application Firewall

Optional WAF at the server level or proxy service by Cloudflare provides an extra layer of protection when needed.

Business Class E-mail

We partner with the top tier E-mail solution providers.  We’ll implement any service of your choice.

Reputation Monitoring

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Staging Environment

A staging environment to make changes and updates to your site without compromise.

Premium Support

Prompt and friendly professional available to answer your questions and resolve your problems.


Our team of marketers and developers are available to provide advice and guidance regarding your sites.


For our clients that are managing their sites without the assistance of a web developer and are looking for development or assistance in making modifications to their site. We provide in-house development services with hourly, project or unlimited monthly service contracts.

"What a relief that I never worry about my website being down or my shopping cart not working properly again. "

– Alex Thomson

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